DanDlion is a non-profit that helps people who feel a great desire to contribute to the transformation of the world through volunteering. By finding those people, DanDlion does all the counseling and accompaniment so that they can support projects that are being developed and implemented in NGOs that seek to achieve their sustainability and growth.

We manage the entire volunteering process, including NGO placement, selection, training, preparation and accompaniment from the beginning to the end.

We also offer courses for volunteers; through conversations, lectures and contributions to different types of volunteering, we will be able to teach volunteers the responsability and what is involved when someone decide to become a volunteer, as well as the impact that could have.

There are many NGOs in different parts of the world that require really committed volunteers to generate impact through the development of projects that allow the sustainability of those organizations. Therefore, we connect volunteers who wish to contribute through their skills, knowledge, skills and experience with those organizations, as a contribution to social transformation.


People from anywhere in the world

People who want to help tranform the world

People who want to contribute to the transformation of the world through learning and humility

People who enjoy providing their services to others

People who want to contribute their personal skills and experience to social projects

People who wish to travel and see the world by volunteering

At DanDlion, we want to be positive leaders and we want to contribute to the emergence of ambassadors, people who believe in themselves and who want to support to the community using its great potential in the service to others. Additionally, we seek to leave a true legacy by sharing knowledge and tools to the people of the different communities and social organizations, seeking in this way, to generate continuity of the projects and empowerment of locals.

Our main objective is to contribute to social organizations and local communities with the support of volunteers, who can be conscious of the importance of their way of acting and thinking. For this reason, we invite volunteers to be open to the learning and growth opportunities they have in their hands.

We work under the Learning Service methodology (learningservice.info) in which we seek that before starting to serve, volunteers can have a time of immersion to learn from the people, their context, their way of thinking and acting to face problematic situations, in order to understand what leads them to act in that way and from that point to "Co-create" with the community.

When you volunteer at DanDlion, you can apply your true potential and become a positive leader to help to contribute to society. You´ll realize that from your great ideas, contributions, experiences and skills, you will impact the lives of others and will allow these people to feel empowered, believing in themselves and what they can do for humanity. In DanDlion we sow and support during germination.