¿Do you still have doubts about why i went to Cambodia to live the best experience of my life?
10 April, 2019
25 April, 2019


Cambodia? Where is that? Are you going to do a what? Volunteering? And what is the reason to do that? Are you going by your own? What is happening with you? These and many others, were the questions that my family and friends did to me about two years ago. And why only Cambodia ?, where is that? It´s better if you do a touristic trip around Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, MyanMar, and I simply told them: well, I have made my decision, I am going to go to Cambodia but not as a tourist or as a traveler, I want to go with a different purpose than I normally have when I travel, I am going to be A VOLUNTEER, to which they responded: but why are you going to volunteer? What do you think, you believe you are like Mother Teresa? Go to party, meet new people, visit tourist attractions, go to temples, museums, do plenty of crazy things, etc and I really just ignored what they told me, it is not so easy for some people to understand the magic and the real meaning of being a volunteer no matter the place in which you are doing it, but I really did not care if they understood ...

And how did the Cambodia thing begin? Why did I decide to go there? Well, I tell you that before I visit Asia, I traveled a lot through several countries in Europe and I lived in London for 8 months. I knew what was like to arrive to a new place, get to know the most of the tourist places, to have friends from different parts of the world, to get lost, not having wi-fi, not having a clue of where i was, to pay for penalty fees because I did not know that I had to validate the subway tickets, to eat super cheap, to eat super expensive, to find hostels, hotels, AIRBNB, to share room with ten people, to have lost my passport and money, in short, countless experiences that made all my trips become unforgettable. But the truth, after the trip to Europe, I wanted to do something completely different, I wanted to connect with the next place that I visited in a magical way, I wanted to live a true cultural immersion.

For my 2016 holidays I got the idea of ​​wanting to know a culture completely different from mine. Different in traditions, food, music, language and that were located many kilometers away from the American continent and well, I started looking which were the most recommended places in Asia to do a social volunteering, I saw options in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand but I remembered a program that I saw a few years ago, a Colombian documentary that spoke about the magical Kingdom of Cambodia https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7BF2FBDDD8B4472E

That documentary and others that I saw later, really made Cambodia to drawn my attention more and more. I was connected with that place and It was never erased from my mind. I had remember the special and mysterious that country was. I also kept with me the firmness and resilience of the people, it was so impressive after the fact that was only a few decades ago they experienced war. However what I remember the most, is that I was able to capture tenacity through the screen of my TV, the genuineness, the respect, the kindness, the empathy, the FORGIVENESS of those people who survived the genocide and for which the word ADMIRATION simply came to me. Something was calling me ... something was telling me I had a lesson to learn in that place ... and the truth, that falls short, was that Cambodia exceeded all my expectations exponentially. I felt completely in love with what that country gave me and even now, I have not finished giving back ... It will continue

With love: Catalina Echavarría Valencia. 2018

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