10 April, 2019

¿Do you still have doubts about why i went to Cambodia to live the best experience of my life?

Hello, my name is Catalina, I want us to tele transport to a place located about 18 kilometers from here, 3 days away in economic class, a lot of scales in between, but is only 2 days away if you ravel in business class, is your choice. We will be traveling to a country known as The kingdom of Cambodia; Why it is call a kingdom? Well, because is absolutely magical, from the north to the south, from east to west, this country will make you feel like if you were in another dimension.

Now imagine you’re standing up there.

Is 5:00 o´clock in the morning, in a beautiful day in April, you open your eyes and you can feel how warm it is, you had realized that you had to take off the blanket you were using through the night, and then you star hearing this music that comes from your neighbors and it´s so peaceful and relaxing, wow!! You would like to stay there with your eyes closed and just let yourself go with the music, this combined with the bunch of birds singing in the morning is just a splendid experience. Then you look at the clock and realize is time to go to the school where you´re doing your volunteer, you get dress and then you go to the dining room; the dining room is located in an open yard that is shared with the neighbors at the same time, you put coffee in your cup, sit on the table and look around to get amazed with all of the beauty you have in front , you would like to take a picture or even better to make a mental video of that moment so you will never forget, this moment you want to keep it in your memory forever. You look at the sky and there it is the sun, you realize you have never seen a sun like that, it is strong and sharp, it has so many colors going from yellow to red, passing from orange to pink, you can see it all over the sky, you have never seen something like that before. That day I realized what a beautiful present I had given to myself, when I decide to take this adventure, and come to this place, the best part was that in that same moment an angel came to me, it was a 4 year´s old girl whose name was Saray Roa, that little angel was running all over the place making that moment even bigger and special for me, she was playing with her brother and sisters who at the same time where harmonizing the scene for me to say, this is magical, I love it!.

Do you still have doubts about why i went to Cambodia to live the best experience of my life?

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