“I was volunteering at Buenaventura home, a nursing home in Medellín and ¡¡¡What an experience it has been!!!. I came out with a heart more full of admiration and love for the people of Medellín, something I never imagined before. The goal of my volunteering was to perform activities and spend time with senior citizens in a program that works primarily for happiness and to improve their quality of daily life". I had no idea that they could teach me so many things! It has caused me a lot of compassion, affection for others and a lot of gratitude for life. In despite of elderly people have faced difficult situations (for example, during wars, struggling with illnesses, memory loss or loneliness), they keep experiencing positive attitudes. In despite of their vulnerability, elderly residents gave me a Colombian warmth. I will not forget all the laughter and stories through the activities I did with them: art, dance and many of domino games! This was such a rewarding experience for me and I would encourage others to take the opportunity to increase the levels of happiness of some of the most fantastic, wise and kindest people of Medellín”.