We are Non-Profit organization that helps to guide volunteers from different parts of the world in their desire to be agents of social transformation.

The most important thing that is required to become a volunteer, is love and passion to contribute to the lives of others and the desire to apply and share knowledge. Our intent is to inspire and supporting others with their empowerment, so that they can fulfill their purpose of life.

We believe that volunteers should act as "APPRENTICES", to have the necessary openness to learn from the context, the people and the culture in which they are immersed. From this learning, volunteers will be able to share their skills and knowledge with humility and simplicity.

Volunteer Management: Selection, training, preparation and accompaniment in volunteering processes for both local and foreign people.

Volunteering for Groups: One-day experience in contributing to social and/or environmental projects in which the main objective is to promote and support the empowerment of a group of local people for them to be constant and to generate confidence in themselves.

Training Courses for volunteers: Course based in Learning Service Pedagogy that certifies people as DanDlion Volunteers. https://learningservice.info

Accompaniment in the creation and development of social projects to implement in NGOs that require support of volunteers.

Support the discovery of the purpose of life through volunteering: Support the participation of students in volunteering projects and training courses.




Elderly Care





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